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DataRex Technologies Ltd is a software engineering company located in Nairobi.At DataRex, we Think cloud-first, use Agile and Composable Software Design (CSD) approaches to deliver solutions accross industries

Agility and flexibility.

Composable systems gives you the freedom to quickly combine and recombine solutions whenever you need to.


Learn what principles govern our approach for building agile, continuously improving business solutions across industries


Learn what principles govern our approach for building agile, continuously improving business solutions across industries


Think cloud-first.

Like most modern software, composable components belong in the cloud, where they’re always-on, accessible, and can scale forever, securely.


Composable platform.

Choose a software platform that’s designed for composability and you can focus on new, better services and customer experiences.


Self-contained components

Each module takes care of one specific business process, end-to-end, and is designed to be integrated.


Everything is exposed via APIs.

High-quality, well-documented APIs are the essential connectors of composability. Closed or severely limited APIs restrict agility


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Benefits of Management Information Systems (MIS)

Efficient operations:

MIS improves operational flow by providing the required information at the right time. The managers are able to perform their tasks with higher ease and that improves the productivity of the business.

Improved decision making:

One major function of an MIS is to aid and improve decision making. It does so by providing accurate information faster which is then used by managers for making crucial decisions. By improving decision making, it also works to improve the bottom line and profitability of the business.

Strengthens a company's competitive advantage

Running a more efficient business by reducing and eliminating weaknesses and non-performing areas increases a company's competitive advantage over its rivals.

MIS increases productivity

To increase productivity, MIS follows Online Transaction Processing (OL TP). OLTP is the gathering of data as input, processing that input data and updating the data to create valuable information from this processed data.

Better communication and connectivity:

A central MIS helps improve the entire communication channel and provides better connectivity throughout the organization across all levels of management.

Benefits for Reporting and Analyses

Data can be available anytime, real-time, and, thanks to properly designed report structures and link to ERP system, MIS can provide necessary information virtually immediately, without any delays and without risk of mistakes, made by manual processing of huge amounts of data.

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